Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Grow Personally and Your Business will Grow

image Most people will challenge such a statement . They are having a hard time connecting these two parameters.

Let’s have a look at it.         To grow a business,  YOU have to be a person with a good self confidence.  YOU need to stand up for your idea, for what you do.  YOU need to be able to stand criticism of the people around you. YOU need to get it all going with the right amount of knowledge and  persistence.

What if any or several of these factors are a problem for you? Perhaps you have a hard time taking the criticism of your family and friends – especially when it is a modern business you are developing, like network marketing, there is a big likelihood that they may even ridicule you for what you have decided to do. Or you might have some solid training in a totally different area and might need the right training for what you are starting.

All of this takes strength and time and as a rule you need a team of like minded people who will give you support to learn, respectively grow the personal qualities you are as yet missing. It is a process. It is not easy to see yourself, except in the mirror – and this should be seen also in the metaphoric way.

Once you have started to develop your capacities with the loving support of preferably a mastermind group you will be surprised how business changes. You start to radiate who you are and like bees to the honey people will be attracted to you who need you and only you as a partner for their personal journey.

This sheer fact shows that a business like network marketing has a time factor attached to it. Very much as you cannot graduate college when you enter the first grade you cannot build this business by snipping your fingers – you need to grow, to become the person you want to be to succeed – but this is part of the challenge you have chosen.

Have the courage and do it! You will be so happy once you are there.

To Your Personal Growth

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

Monday, October 18, 2010

MLM Success - The Secret of Heart Felt Leadership

What are the three topics of leadership in an MLM business:

  • You must connect with people before you can hope to touch their life.
  • You must touch them as a person, at a heart level.
  • Your intentions MUST be obvious, so that they feel/know you mean it, that you are there to help them own their lives.

It is so important that they can trust your intentions are right and not a fake. Most people who are searching for an MLM home business have had a number of previous bad experiences with MLM opportunities and are very critical as a result. Once they dare to trust you they will open up to your mentoring and eventually start crafting their WHY . Understanding this emotional link is part of MLM leadership and eventually of their/your network marketing success.

The Secret tells you that subconscious emotional issues are the cinder of magnetism between people. Every MLM leader attracts those network marketing leads who are right for him and vice versa.

People want to be understood and people who want to work at home have a vision of what their life could be. They need the right MLM coach to find their passion.

The development of the name of this industry could be like: MLM, network marketing, relationship marketing and finally emotional marketing.

When talking to people you want to convey that they have found the person who will help them reach their dreams.

  • They get the INSPIRARION and the SKILLS to achieve what they desire.

Help them feel the FIRE of what they DESIRE. Draw it close!

  • Then they need to get the HORSE they need to reach their passion their goals. The MLM company and products they can use to achieve the desired result in their home based business.

It is so important that new people in MLM, in network marketing come to understand right away that PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, TRANSFORMATION is their first step and of course the first step of the new people they bring in..

It is the personal development, the forming of relationships which is the Success Focus in Network Marketing. The second big thing is a MLM system which duplicates.

It is not about one-time or short-term selling it is about long-term business relationships. It is about duplication and about transforming people's lives. It is about teaching them how to own their lives!

People have dreams and desires, and as an MLM Leader you help them on their path of success in their business opportunity. It is all about them and when you have the right approach as a network marketing leader you will never ever have to worry. Help them to be successful and your success will be the result.

Be a Mentor With A Servant’s Heart!

Frieke Karlovits

Friday, January 15, 2010

Will's Wisdom

freat motivational video!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Longevity with Network Marketing


Perhaps you will wonder how longevity and network marketing fit. IM000689 Let me tell you a story to explain:

I come from a family where longevity is kind of the “general family feature”. On my maternal as well as on my paternal side many of my forefathers lived well into their nineties. The fascinating thing about it is, that the people in my family stay active even at that age. Therefore people tell me – “you really have excellent genes and therefore a high likelihood of getting very old”.  However, as a standard reply I tell them that not only my blood relations turn old in good health, but that also the respective partners, who marry into the family and who of course do not share our genes, become just as old as a rule.

To me this clear evidence that longevity is not only a question of genes, but to just the same extent it is a question of personal attitude and lifestyle. Lifestyle of course means leading a fairly healthy life with proper food, enough sleep, a certain amount of physical  activity to make sure the system gets enough oxygen, but also mental activity so that the brain’s alertness is maintained. Lots of work we find doesn’t harm at all!     Attitude is your personal mindset as to how you approach life, your pattern  of thoughts, mental activity, readiness to be open and forward, making plans and living a life with a  focus and goals.

Attitude is the link to network marketing. Network marketing is an industry where people have to learn as to how to improve their attitude, how to specify their desires, make plans, go forward and blend with the world and the people in it, all of which creates an environment of mental activity, positive thought patterns and a zest for life and joy that in turn forms an excellent basis for longevity at perfect health.

Time will show if in years to come the ratio of network marketers among the people who become old will be exceptionally high – right now lots of things indicate that this may well be so.

You feel you want to know how to proceed in this direction?   Well – simply be in touch and start communicating. We’ll help you find out where to go or where your focus in life may be.


Your Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Freedom of Being Your Own Boss


Looking at being self employed from the standard point of view it can be interpreted as: “work yourself and do it steadily”. This is an idea which doesn’t appeal to lots of people. It is the general idea, that being self employed means that unless you work all the time your income will not be there and what’s even worse you have the option of 24 hours per day or of having employees with all the resulting liabilities.

Especially in societies with a high level of social security, where unemployment  benefits are a standard, the idea of being employed spreads security some way or other. People think that even if out of work they will have at least some money to keep them going. In contrast self employed people are considered to be working without a safety grid.

As we are what we think it is small wonder that people have somewhat lost their dreams in the process or they have become so remote that they only reside in some far away fairy tale. The habit to adjust to what ever income they have has become a plague – and we all know, plagues are destructive. They are destructive to the inflicted person as well as to the society where the plague strikes.

Now let us discuss the freedom of being your own boss. In a solid MLM business, where all the required features are top notch you all of a sudden have the chance to actually build a business. This means you stop exchanging your time for money, the key factor which keeps you in the rat race in conventional business.

In MLM it is the top requirement that first of all you build yourself and only then you build a team, you support your team, you build your customer base and provide service to them and you learn step by step how to become proficient in this new environment. 

What does it mean to build yourself. As stated at the beginning of this contribution, it is inherent in our society that people tend to loose their dreams. So building yourself means recapturing your dreams, learning to create a  vision and ultimately a goal which will become the fuel for your activities.

When acting from a burning desire to achieve your goal, all your activities of building your team by building the people you work with are fruitful.  It is wonderful to watch people evolve, give them the support they require and to have great life time friendships develop. What do you think?

A residual income will be the bye product of building your business, which will give you the  freedom to live the life of your dreams.

Come and join the ride!

Frieke Karlovits

Your Mentor with a Servant’s Heart

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why are Gardening and Network Marketing Alike?

Working in the garden puts me in a pensive state of mind and today it suddenly struck me: Network marketing is just like gardening and I will explain it to you.

When you know nothing at all about gardening and you decide you want to  buy a house with a Picture of Hibiskus moscheutos nice piece of land and start your own garden, this will be a major challenge if you just go about it without getting yourself educated about gardening.

Even if you start reading up you will still need someone who is proficient about it to give you advice and support and at times perhaps even a helping hand. You need to plan what you want to be doing first. Decide  where the fruit trees will have to go and which, which area would be nice for  a vegetable garden and which plant mix would suit to make the space around the house and the yard just beautiful. It has to be considered carefully that something nice is there at each season, that the required work will be in tune with the time you can spend on it and that you kind of develop the garden for long-term usage.

Now let us look at network marketing. when you first have the idea that you want to do something on top of your job you have to do some critical thinking as to how much time you will be able to put in and what the ultimate goal in context with the additional effort would be. Then, if you proceed wisely you will have to look around and find someone whom you trust and who will be able to  help you get going in a business of your own. And of course you will make sure that you work with someone who has adequate experience and whose success was not achieved in the past but who is having success now! This is what Michael Dloughy points out again and again and it makes perfect sense considering the changes which have taken place in business since the internet has come up.

Time is a feature which gardening and network marketing have in common too. You cannot expect a garden to be flourishing within a few short weeks and you cannot expect a business to be either. Growth, which ever way, always takes place over a period of time. Lots of people have a problem with this, but some don’t!

Frieke Karlovits

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why Want to Be a Networker?


Looking at the industry of network marketing people are fascinated by the lifestyle networkers are leading. You need not be a millionaire to have lots of freedom – work from home to you schedule, earning not a linear but a recurring income to quote only a few features.

Now what is a linear income – it is an income which stops the moment your performance stops. Look at at a lawyer or a shoe maker or a taxi driver or in fact many other professions – in each case the income stops as soon as you quit doing your job.

A recurring income is an income which keeps coming in after having done something right once. What could that be – it could be a singer who recorded a cd which keeps being sold again and again earning him a constant income, or a writer who wrote a best seller book which keeps being sold, but of course it could be a network marketer who built his business once and solid.

Having such a recurring income permits the person a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle without having to worry about orders or money or a job – wow what a benefit to have.

Linear and recurring can be applied to other areas of business as well. For example buying a car, providing you pay it in cash would be a linear purchase whereas the rent for a flat would be a recurring expense. Provided you have paid into a pension scheme your pension will be a recurring income too. Many people, however, cannot afford to pay enough into pension schemes that their pension will permit them to maintain their accustomed lifestyle once they are pensioners. Therefore it is no surprise that  many people want to become networkers and build a recurring income that will permit them to maintain their desired lifestyle .

Next time we will be looking as to what  has to be watched out for when choosing a network marketing opportunity, that everything is in place and solid, so that the business will not only pay their retirement but will also pay their children and grandchildren! Information which is well defined thanks to Michael Dloughy.


Your Mentor with a Servant’s Heart